This AGC BIMForum focused on interoperability.  Mr. Tocci suggested that the players in the AEC/O market are like the sections of an orchestra.  And interoperability means getting everyone to play their part, in time and step with all the other instrument sections.


At Vico, we believe our Model Progression Specification is the sheet music that all the musicians can use to keep them on tempo to produce a symphony!


What is the Model Progression Specification?  It's a straightforward methodology that advances the model through its various levels of detail.  With the appropriate levels of detail, we can each play our part: design, engineering, costing, scheduling.  By sharing information with the other parties, not only can we build the model faster on the computer and with greater levels of specificity, but we can also build it faster onsite!


These clean information hand-offs are one component of interoperability.  Of course, the other component is a BIM-neutral platform.  At Vico, we're committed to this BIM-neutral environment where any CAD model can be enriched with quantities, mean and methods, cost planning, and line of balance scheduling.  This is our Vico Office suite of products.


We demonstrated our work with Tekla (for steel fabrication) and Trimble (for site layouts, placing bracings and hangers, etc.) using St. Joseph's Mission Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, as our example.  (This project is highlighted on our Virtual Mock-Up page.)  These great relationships and integrated solutions propel BIM forward to include subcontractors (for off-site fabrication) and the field.  This is true interoperability.  A lot more than an animation, don't you think?  View the archived Fridays with Vico webinar from the St. Joseph Mission Hospital project here.


Our collateral was snatched up before lunch on the first day, so we have it available for download.  The MPS Whitepaper is authored by Jim Bedrick, VP of Virtual Construction at Webcor.  Our BIM Checklist is a simple checklist for General Contractors to use when comparing different BIM vendors.  Use it to steer what you want to accomplish in your own organziation, and then turn the criteria outward to compare what BIM services you are offering your own clients.


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