The AGC BIMForum in Lake Tahoe focused on the I in BIM.  What is the Information we want to capture in our building models?


Vico has a lot to say about this!  We believe that the I in BIM stands for: quantities, means and methods, cost planning, and line of balance scheduling.  We believe the I stands for expert peer review, knowledge transfer, and transparency. 


At Vico, we believe that BIM is so much more than cartoons and disposable models!  True 5D Virtual Construction is the natural extension of BIM.  The model must be data-rich to answer what-if questions on the fly.  Otherwise, it's just a pretty picture.


To that end, Marcel Broekmaat, our product manager for cost planning solutions, demonstrated Conceptual Estimating.  This is a preconstruction activity that uses simple massing models to generate quite accurate cost estimates in just hours.  As more levels of detail are defined, the estimate hones in closer and closer to the truth.


As that estimate moves from preconstruction to the field, real-time labor rates and utilization numbers complete the picture and orchestrate the trades.  The end result is an accurate preconstruction estimate that is achievable in the field.  This builds trust with both the Owner and the subs.  It's a good way to put more I in BIM. 

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