Trimble Buildings and Vico takes great pride in supporting the ambitious work of the AGC and the BIMForum.  In addition to our seat in the Software Subforum, Vico works to help maintain the AGC BIM Guide and work with other chairs as needed.


As the economy makes a turn back up, it's more important than ever to work together as an industry to adapt and grow with technology and new methodologies.  Trimble is working with the AGC to bring foward educational programs, pursuit strategies, and powerful case studies.  It is our goal to make General Contractors proficient in BIM, successful in their relationships with Owners, and profitable.


Each AGC BIMForum focuses on a particular topic, and Trimble responds with timely mainstage demonstrations, thoughtful industry op-ed pieces, and supporting webinars.  At each BIMForum, we invite attendees to meet with us one-on-one.  The more we understand about your BIM initiatives, the more we can deliver for your success.


If you are landing on this page from the AGC BIM Guide's Toolbox, please feel free to peruse our related BIMForum materials (accessible by the hyperlinks at the bottom of this page) before redirecting to more in-depth product and services pages:


Trimble Buildings: Trimble Buildings develops integrated construction management solutions for our GC and CM customers around the world. Combining our 20+ year heritage with layout hardware on the jobsite with new technologies from SketchUp, Tekla, Vico Office, Prolog, WinEst, and laser scanning solutions, we strive to improve customer productivity and profitability by getting project data to the right people at the right time on the right device.


Vico Office: the first integrated construction management solution built specifically for General Contractors and Owners.  Our unique BIM-neutral environment allows users to publish, synthesize, analyze, and augment Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD models with 4D scheduling and 5D estimating data.  The more I in BIM, the better the result!


Trimble VDC Services: specializes in delivering 5D BIM services to General Contractors and Owners embarking on a BIM project for the first time.  Our Win the Deal Bundle allows companies to become BIM-proficient in 2-3 weeks in order to win the bid, perform preconstruction coordination, scheduling, and estimating, and then complete production control on the jobsite.  Additionally, our Services Team, with over 400 completed projects under our belt, performs specific services such as virtual mock-up, retained modeling services, in-wall coordination for hospitals, and even BIM for Executives classes.


BIM Master Class Series: virtual construction training classes for the AEC/O Community.  Designed to work like college and graduate-level courses, the series grows progressively more difficult with complex theory, methodologies, and best practices.  The goal of the BIM Master Class series is simple: instruct as many construction professionals as possible about the many facets of BIM.  After completing the course curriculum, students (general contractors and owners) will be able to deploy the best practices for model-based coordination, model-based scheduling, and model-based estimating in their firm.  To date, over 7,500 construction professional have participated.


The BIM Checklist: originally conceived as a comparison tool for software applications, the checklist has evolved into a comparison tool for GCs and their BIM offerings to owners.


Calculate Your BIM Score: calculate your GC firm's BIM Score based on clash detection, scheduling, and estimating capabilities, best practices, and enterprise integration. Learn what distinguishes one GC from another by taking the same test for your competition.


Please take a moment to scroll through our BIMForum pages, loaded with additional resources for your organization.


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