SRV Group

Kamppi Center Project


Using Vico Software Control, and with support from Vico Software Construction Services, the SRV Group was able to deliver a large scale project six months ahead of schedule.



The Kamppi Center building complex is located right in the bustling center of Helsinki. As a four-year construction project, and with a total budget of €500M, it was the largest single urban construction site in the history of Finland. The center consists of a central bus station, a metro terminal, an internal parking area, a six-floor shopping center, and premium quality offices and residential apartments.




Due to its size and sensitive urban location, the Kamppi construction project posed special challenges. Situated in the heart of Helsinki, the construction site sat directly over an operating subway. Just to prepare the site for construction, sixty thousand truckloads of earth and rock had to be excavated.


The project management team was responsible for overseeing 800 different subcontractors, up to 2,000 workers on-site and, in total, 5,000 construction workers. The project's magnitude, and the large number of personnel involved, demanded state-of-the-art scheduling and coordination, in addition to reliable on-site communications.



The project size alone meant that the Kamppi construction project required a particularly precise planning and scheduling system. The multiple segments that this extensive project comprised of had to be seamlessly sewn together. The location in the very center of the city posed its own demands in terms of scheduling; and the construction work had to be synchronized to fit in with the day-to-day life of the city.


To effectively plan and control the construction schedule, SRV management chose Vico Control, a location-based scheduling and procurement management system.


Control's support of location-based and resource-based scheduling, its scheduling optimization capabilities, plus its ability to forecast a project schedule based on the actual progress made, enabled SRV to ensure that project schedules were viable and easy to communicate to subcontractors.



Present throughout the process, Vico Professional Services team members worked on-site as part of the management team. During the planning stage they assisted in establishing the schedule, trained the SRV team, and reduced the time needed for implementation.


Later, when work began, they helped create the schedule forecast, provided schedule alternatives and participated in subcontractor and scheduling meetings.


Vico Control's resource-based scheduling capability together with actual project progress data enabled SRV to calculate quantities by location and to evaluate resource needs according to production rates.


Flowline View - Vico Control location-based schedule facilitates planning of continuous resources flow to optimize productivity



Using Vico Control, the SRV team significantly minimized project risk. The use of resource- and location-based planning, combined with the flowline view, delivered a highly accurate, optimized and balanced schedule, and additionally minimized disturbances. Forecasting - based on actual, on-site progress - proved to be an essential management tool, and allowed the project team to foresee any possible delays and to take advance action to keep the project on track.


Vico Control improved communication with subcontractors as well as enhancing on-site resource management. It gained the trust of the SRV team throughout the entire construction period. The bottom line is that the SRV Group delivered this very large-scale project six months ahead of schedule.  This means access to city services for hundreds of thousands of downtown residents, retail shop income, apartment rents, and a dynamic new destination for restaurants and shopping.


Looking Ahead 

Vico Control elicited positive feedback from both SRV's project management and subcontractors. The flowline methodology was fully implemented, providing clear, accurate and feasible schedules.  Expecting to deliver improved efficiency company-wide, SRV now plans to implement Vico Control throughout its entire organization.