About Vico Services


Vico Services’ mission is to help owners and construction firms maximize efficiency by deploying the fastest and safest path to integrated construction processes.


Our team, the world's most experienced group of Virtual Construction™ professionals, provides the implementation and delivery of advanced and proven concepts to achieve far more accurate planning and control.

The employment of a unique Leveraged Integration process allows us to progressively increase the intelligence of the construction data model and support informed decision making.

 The benefits of these processes are:

• The early elimination of design & coordination errors
• Significantly improved cost management accuracy      and turnaround times
• Optimized schedule planning and production control,
  which provides superior performance over traditional


With deep industry and business process expertise, a broad global presence, and a proven track record, Vico Service’s dedicated team minimizes disruption, assures productivity from day one and helps our customers to reduce risk, shorten schedules, increase profitability and win more business.


Vico Services has put together many resources to help your team wrap your arms around BIM:

Mastering the 4D Schedule in a Hard Bid

Mastering the 5D Cost Plan in a Hard Bid

Mastering 2D/3D/4D Coordination in a Hard Bid

Utilizing the Content Plan and Model Progerssion Specification

Utilizing Virtual Mock-Ups for Constructability


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For more information about Vico services: info.services@vicosoftware.com


"Using Vico Software with the help of the Vico Construction Services team, we were able to finish this huge and complex project six months ahead of time."


Jussi Uusivirta,
Project Manager, SRV Group