Model-based scheduling (or 4D BIM) hinges on six variables: quantities, locations, crew sizes, productivity rates, and material and labor costs.  Vico Professional Services can help you utilize the power of your BIM model and extend its functionality to the field.


Our Professional Services Team can derive a flowline schedule from the BIM illustrating the locations for crews across the project timeline.  Deliverables for your team include a schedule simulation - a movie showing progress on the building by date and location.  It is important to note that a Vico schedule is NOT an animation, but rather a derivation of the geometry, quantities, locations, and resources from the BIM.  A schedule is scientifically optimized for a completion date and/or a budget.



Vico Services' unique, location-based construction management system allows you to significantly compressed schedules - without increasing risk.  The incorporation of locations, quantities, and productivity rates early in the planning phase yield clear, accurate, and feasible results.


Using the flowline view, we can easily manage task buffers, visually identify conflicts, and communicate complete schedules of complex projects - all on a single page.


Our experience on over 300 BIM projects around the world has shown that average schedules can be compressed by 10% with no increase in risk.


For more information on Vico's scheduling activities, please read through the blog, Fit and Finnish.


To learn more about the software that powers this Service Offering, please review Vico's scheduling solutions and these two whitepapers:

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Non-Model-Based Optimization
The Client’s existing schedule, quantities, and planning logic will be used as the basis for creating a Flowline schedule. Quantities per location, production rates, and crew sizes (if available) will be used to optimize the schedule.


Non-Model-Based Schedule Creation
Vico Construction Services will work with the client, and the client’s subcontractors, to define the construction methods and logic. This input, along with location-based quantities provided by the client, productivity rates and crew sizes (if available), will be used to develop an optimized Flowline schedule.


Non-Model-Based Onsite Production Control

Flowline Schedule for Production Control

Vico will work with the Client’s Construction field team to track and monitor project status using location-based concepts. The Flowline schedule and location-based quantities will be updated based on design changes and changes in methods.


Forecast Delay Warning

A report will be created that flags when a subcontractor’s productivity rate fails to match the planned pace of construction



• Task Micromanagement

• Progress Collection

• Progress Entry

• Performance Reports

• Resource Management

• Procurement Control

• Quality Control

• Forecasting


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