A model can be more than just a pretty picture. The 3D visualization allows project stakeholders to better understand the building as it comes alive before their eyes.


A 4D model looks just like a 3D model, but it contains even more information about installation rates, productivity rates, crew sizes, and costs.


And a 5D model looks just like a 3D model, but it includes component pricing and budgeting reports for the job.


Put this all together and you get the iterative effect of 3D-4D-5D BIM. As the model grows in complexity, it becomes the data-rich font of project knowledge. Each stakeholder can approach the model with different questions and what-if scenarios and receive near-instant analysis of the situation.


The employment of a unique Leveraged Integration process allows us to progressively increase the intelligence of the construction data model and support informed decision making.


Vico Services can help you develop a 3D BIM model, a 4D BIM model, or a complete 5D BIM model and their respective deliverables to best serve your needs.


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