2D Installation Drawings and Composite Drawings


During Phase 4 of the Coordination Resolution Service, we can begin working directly with the subs to develop the Level of Detail necessary for their work.  This can include producing 2D installation drawings for them.  This also means creating color-coded composite drawings showing the work of all trades on a single sheet of paper.


Composite drawings are assembled to quickly and easily see the relationship between all systems after coordination is complete. Such composite drawings let site teams identify what other systems would be impacted if field changes are necessary.  Composite sleeve drawings can also be produced and are a great tool for site teams (mainly superintendents) to quickly verify that all necessary penetrations have been laid out prior to a concrete pour.


composite drawing


Because we are working with such highly detailed models for our Coordination Resolution Service, we can also produce very high quality 2D drawings. These can include plumbing sleeve drawings, concrete deck drawings, lighting drawings, HVAC duct drawings, hydronic pipe drawings, gravity pipe drawings, 3D isometric drawings, and the aforementioned composite drawings. These are great deliverables for field use because the last thing you want are subs going up and down ladders or coming back to the trailer for more details.


isometric plumbing drawing

Caption: This is a 3D isometric view of the domestic water system. This view helps to bridge the gap of interpretation between traditional 2D floor plans and riser diagrams.


To see more examples of these deliverables, please watch the following video:


Caption: This video includes examples of both composite drawings and installation drawings - both vital to smooth installation on-site and a deliverable from our Coordination Resolution Service. 


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