Win the Deal with Vico

New Service Offering Helps General Contractors Showcase BIM Capabilities to Owners


Boulder, CO - November 4, 2008 - Vico is pleased to announcement the immediate availability of a new services package: the Win the Deal Bundle.


The Win the Deal Bundle is a four-step Services Package designed to help General Contractors showcase BIM capabilities to Owners in just two to three weeks.  BIM is exactly the tool needed in this rough economic climate.  It provides the Owners the savings they need and gives GCs the competitive advantage they need.  Highlighting BIM capabilities and constructability transparency will help GCs Win the Deal.


Step 1.  The Presentation Model.  Business development teams work hard to make their presentations shine, especially when they only have two to three weeks to prepare.  It would be extremely valuable to offer two to three design alternatives to the Owner to indicate that your firm fully understands the project and puts the Owner's interests first.


The Win the Deal Bundle helps business development teams:

1.) A 5D base model, generated in two-three weeks, with preliminary what-if suggestions and alternatives;

2.) Presentation support, including a BIM expert to work with you;

3.) A dedicated off-site 5D modeling team. Many companies take advantage of Vico's modeling team retainer so they can bid on even more projects with greater depth and in less time.


Step 2.  The Schematic Design Model.   After the project is awarded, the Vico Team works with you to examine all drawings and generate a baseline model, plus the knowledge base of means, methods, materials, costs, and schedule information.  This is a three to five month engagement that propels your team forward.


The Win the Deal Bundle helps Preconstruction Teams:

1.) A Content Plan to determine the level of specificity at which the model will be generated;

2.) A Construction Report to identify and resolve conflicts and clashes;

3.) A model-based estimate for extreme accuracy;

4.) A location-based schedule which typically delivers a 10% schedule compression.



Step 3.  Design Complete Model.  As the preconstruction phase progresses to 100% design complete, Team Vico stays with you to help with model updates, change reports, and assist with the design phase coordination efforts.  We can insert an on-site 5D manager to develop and augment best practices for your team to use on other projects and expand your BIM core competencies.


The Win the Deal Bundle helps Preconstruction Teams:

1.) Updates to the schedule and budget as design resolutions are incorporated;

2.) Construction alternatives that offer the Owner more choices and more flexibility;

3.) A virtual mock-up, instead of a physical mock-up, to better analyze complicated designs


Step 4.  Construction and Production Control.  Now that ground is broken and construction has commenced, the Vico Team continues to provide model and/or mock-up updates, complete with the near-real-time data from the field.  The model also provides the backbone for production control to keep the project running smoothly.


The Win the Deal Bundle helps Project Managers and Field Teams:

1.) Side-by-side production control support for the Superintendent;

2.) Schedule forecasting, including look-aheads by trade by location;

3.) Near-real-time analysis of delays;

4.) Production control best practices.


The Vico BIM Certification Program espouses and teaches the latest Six Sigma construction methodologies.  At each stage of the service, the Vico Team will walk you through industry-proven best practices to make the most of your growing BIM expertise.  We will then certify to your clients every quarter that you are practicing true 5D BIM and Lean Construction techniques.  With this Vico BIM Certification for best practices, you can move forward confidently...and Win the Deal again!


Register today for our Fridays with Vico webinar, November 7th, 12Noon - 2:00PM Eastern, to explore the Win the Deal Program in more detail.



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