Webcor Builders Standardizes on Vico Office for Virtual Construction

Construction Industry Leader Puts Vico Software on 120 Workstations


Boulder, CO - June 9, 2011 - Vico Software, the leader in 5D Virtual Construction™, is pleased to announce that Webcor Builders has selected Vico Office R3 for company-wide deployment.  Exploiting the benefits of Release 3 of the Vico Office Suite, Webcor will implement the software on more than 120 workstations across the enterprise for use on all of its building projects.


“We have understood the benefits of the virtual building paradigm since the early days of our pioneering use of the technology over a decade ago,” stated Andy Ball, CEO of Webcor.  “Now our work processes and the software technology have matured to the point where we can demonstrate superior value to the building owner on every single project we undertake. “


“Webcor has recognized that the integration of 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) with our cost estimating, project scheduling, and project management functions offers a whole new way to plan and manage projects,” remarked Frank Haase, Director of Virtual Building at Webcor.  “We have amassed a knowledgebase of real data – from past projects and from our subcontractors – that when combined with the integrated 5D approach gives us an unprecedented planning and management capability on all projects.  The precise information derived from this approach, both in preconstruction planning and in ongoing construction operations, helps us to resolve issues early and to make prompt fact-based decisions."


One key feature in the Vico Office 5D workflow centers on identifying the cost and schedule impact of the inevitable changes that occur throughout all stages of the building’s design. Working with Owners upfront to offer well-informed what-if scenarios instead of cutting features in a late-stage value engineering process means better decisions all around.  Design iterations can be quickly analyzed leading to new cost estimates, and each iteration can be compared to original target costs both graphically and in report form.  The visual tools inside Vico Office R3 make it simple to communicate the delta between the quantities and costs of each iteration.  Because Vico Office R3 integrates the entire 5D workflow, the same can be said for task durations and the overall project schedule.


Caption: This video, part of the new Vico Office Video Training series, illustrates how to prepare for a construction budget meeting with an Owner. 


Employees at Webcor have access to the full 5D workflow in the Vico Office Suite, including:



Doc Set Manager for construction drawing set comparison


Vico Constructability Manager for clash detection and coordination


Vico Takeoff Manager for analyzing model geometry for an accurate quantity takeoff


Vico LBS Manager for allocating logical locations for trades to work uninterrupted


Vico Cost Planner for creating evolving cost plans as more project details are made available


Vico Cost Explorer for graphically monitoring cost targets


Vico Schedule Planner for optimizing the schedule and reducing project risk based on Flowline principles


Vico Production Controller for managing to the schedule on-site


Vico 4D Manager for communicating the schedule to teammates, subs, and the Owner


Each employee’s workstation also houses the Vico Office Client for combining multiple model types from multiple sources, comparing past project data, viewing progress on current projects, and customized reporting.


“Extending the benefits of BIM into 5D construction planning and management is the singular focus of our company,” remarked Mark Sawyer, President and CEO of Vico Software.  “Webcor is one of the most innovative builders in the world; constantly advocating for better project data and tangible Owner value.  We made significant investments in Vico Office R3 to ensure that the solution was ready for large, demanding projects in the real world, and we are thrilled that Webcor has chosen it for their deployment of enterprise-wide 5D BIM.”


For more information, please read What’s New in Vico Office Release 3.  Read how the 5D Virtual Construction Workflow extends BIM to the enterprise or watch the 5D Workflow Webinar, archived for convenience. 




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