Vico and Trimble Bring BIM to the Trailer

With a unique integration for the Trimble LM 80 and robotic Total Station, Vico and Trimble work together to move the BIM from the preconstruction process to the field trailer.  This integration streamlines the field placement of structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering systems right in the Construction Model. Now contractors can create Building Information Models (BIM) in Vico's Virtual Construction software, export the data directly to the Trimble field layout solution and use the highly accurate data to lay out and construct complex buildings and structures.


Together, Vico and Trimble have introduced the concepts of design to build and build to design. The build to design and design to build processes ensure that the information captured in the building model make it to the construction site and back. The design to build process requires the design team, contractor and subcontractor collaborate early using a 3D model with the right amount of detail. The model helps the project team design structures based on accurate construction information.


The second step of the process is the build to design phase. The contractor and subcontractors can use the as-built measurements to verify the quality of construction and check acceptable tolerances using the building model. When as-built conditions are combined and overlaid with the model, the contractor can make sure that all structures are built according to specification. The B2D and D2B processes reduce field rework and allow subcontractors to prefabricate more off-site. The result is reduced field labor hours, therefore reduced cost of the project and savings for all project stakeholders.


To learn more about this partnership, please read the Vico/Trimble press release and our report from the World of Concrete and the Trimble User Conference.


To see this partnership in action, please view the archived Vico/Trimble Fridays with Vico webinar: Bringing BIM to the Field.