Vico's Partners


Vico Software has partnered with the AEC industry leaders to extend the power of 5D BIM to all project stakeholders.


The Vico Office BIM-neutral platform allows users to publish BIM files from Autodesk Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD. Users can also import IFC files, SketchUp models, and data-rich files from CAD-Duct. Once inside the Vico Office platform, these BIMs can be combined, coordinated, and augmented with scheduling and costing data.


Working with Trimble's LM 80 and Total Station, users can plot points inside the BIM which can then be placed out in the field. Conversely, points in the field can also be marked and overlayed on the 5D BIM for a comprehensive quality check.  Additional points for seismic bracings, hangers, sleeves, inserts, and penetrations in accordance with OSPHD regulations can also be modeled and brought to the field with Trimble.  Through our partnership with ISAT (International Seismic Application Technology), you can rest assured that your building project is in accordance with International Building Codes.


Vico works with ERP providers like CMiC, SAP, and Meridian to spread the information contained in the 5D BIM to the various departments throughout the construction firm: finance, logistics, procurement, etc. This ERP for Construction solution extends BIM to the enterprise.


Newforma and Vico share critical RFI and Change Order data between IPD teams via the agcXML schema. Utilizing the 5D BIM model, IPD teams can quickly discover the impact of design and construction changes to the schedule and budget.


Together with our partners, Vico strives to respond to customers' expectations for an integrated BIM solution, expanding the 5D BIM from the preconstruction department to other areas who can also benefit from the information contained within it.


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