Vico Software Unveils 2009 Virtual Construction Suite

2009: Year of the Contractor for BIM



Boulder, CO - November 3, 2008 -  Vico Software is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the 2009 Virtual Construction Suite.  This major release of the software extends a basic BIM model to 4D for scheduling and 5D for costing.


True 5D BIM is a data-rich model in which every element (from rebar to columns to walls to the marble floor in the lobby) is augmented with building-critical information: means and methods, quantities, costing data, and scheduling properties.  With this knowledge base imbedded in every component of the structure, options unfold for the AEC/O community:


1.) Which design decisions are putting the budget and/or schedule at risk? 

2.) How is the GC going to leverage the BIM model to negotiate price and schedule with the subcontractors?

3.) With the constructability ironed out on the computer screen, how much faster and           how much better can we build the project on-site?


The end result IS two buildings: one highly-visual model on the computer screen; and one well-executed building on-site...this is virtual construction for the real world


"At PCL, the tagline for our Virtual Construction efforts is ‘build it twice.'  It might sound like extra work at first, but using the Virtual Construction methodology with Vico saves us a significant amount of time, money, and energy to build projects in the computer before we break ground," stated Ed Hoagland, Manager of Virtual Design and Construction at PCL, the largest general contractor in Canada, and eighth largest GC in the US.  "Having a project come together on the screen means that we can build higher quality projects, in less time, on-site.  We are looking forward to Vico's 2009 release and can't wait to start using it on our projects."


The Vico Virtual Construction Suite is an integrated 5D BIM platform built specifically for construction companies and owners. 


"According to our research, 2009 will be the year of the General Contractor for BIM," stated Steve Jones, Senior Director at McGraw-Hill Construction, "and Vico's 2009 release should help them exploit BIM for all its capabilities and ROI."


The Vico 2009 Virtual Construction Suite focuses on the three linchpins of any project: constructability, quantities, and location-based scheduling.  These core competencies are expressed through the product modules and help provide the Owner with the best price, the best schedule, the best team, the best methodology:


Constructor.  This 3D modeling environment provides a platform for architectural, structural, and MEP modeling. Combined, these pieces form the Construction Model that sets the basis for feasibility, costing, and scheduling. New features for 2009 include advanced MEP modeling, curtain wall modeling, and constructability analysis and reporting.Control. Vico's line-of-balance scheduling environment provides a visual representation and optimization of resources and materials. New features for 2009 include look-ahead crew forecasting, resource histogram, cash flow analysis.


Control.  Vico's 4D flowline scheduling environment is used for planning, optimizing and controlling project schedules.  The unique location-based view makes analyzing and communicating workflow simple.  New features for 2009 include enhanced performance and supported links to Primavera and Microsoft Project scheduling tools. 


Estimator.  Vico's 5D estimating and costing environment provides extreme granularity and precise quantities for cost calculations.   These model-based quantities drive costing, scheduling and the baseline budget.   New features include extended support for conceptual stage estimating with cost ranges.


Cost Explorer.  Vico's 5D budgeting environment provides complete project monitoring and cash flow visibility. New features for 2009 include a graphical representation of project cost variance; new cost viewing and targeting modes, including locations; side-by-side comparisons in the project data panel and new variance reports.


Change Manager.  Vico's drawing comparison environment keeps everyone working from the latest revisions. New features for 2009 include clouding and RFI reporting, a built-in document manager, and side-by-side or slider comparisons for drawing sets.


5D Presenter. Vico's 5D visual presentation environment tells the project story: its look and feel, the budget and the schedule. New features for 2009 include faster graphics processing, layer management, and better zone representation.


Many Launch Activities are planned for Vico's 2009 Virtual Construction Suite.  Join the Vico Community to participate.




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Vico Software, Inc. provides 5D Virtual ConstructionTM software and services to the building construction industry. Building owners, general contractors, and construction managers use Vico's software to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on large, complex building projects. Vico's integrated solutions, first released in 2005, pioneered the 5D category. The benefits of our solutions and services have been proven with over three hundred customers and two hundred completed building projects to date.


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