Vico 5D Presenter 2009 Features & Benefits


Vico  5D Presenter™ integrates on one screen the main components of a building project – the actual building model, scheduling, and cost – to present a fully comprehensive picture of the construction process.


Project Exploration


New Graphics Engine
Hoops, the industry leading graphics engine, is integrated into Vico 5D Presenter 2009. The new engine significantly accelerates performance and delivers enhanced visualization capabilities.


5D Model View
Clearly present and communicate the entire construction process. In Vico 5D Presenter all aspects of the project are displayed in one place. Project status and progress can be simultaneously viewed in 3D, 4D (schedule), and 5D (cost).


Model Navigation
Switch between walk, orbit, or fly modes, according to your preferences, and explore your model down to the most granular level.


Section Generation
Revealing the model structure becomes easy with the enhanced section box functionality. Use one click & drag to resize the section box and expose the model interiors. Move or tilt any of the six faces to visualize exactly the required information.


Query Objects
Simply right-click on an object in the 3D view and get detailed information; including Recipes, Methods, and task progress.


Layer Manager
Easily control your model visibility; isolating and presenting only the relevant parts. Layer Manager also supports the creation and handling of Layer Sets – different layers can be grouped together and controlled as one.


Present Zones in 5DP
With 5D Presenter 2009, Zones created with Vico Constructor can be viewed in 5D Presenter. This new feature improves communication and enables a more precise and clear construction presentation and simulation.


Simulate and Analyze


Constructability Manager
Manage constructability issues and ensure your project design is feasible. This new feature allows you to review in 3D, communicate, assign, and manage constructability items imported from Vico Constructor.


Construction Simulation
Use 5D Presenter to simulate project progress and visually communicate constructability issues. The simulation view can be filtered based on information from Vico Control™. Actual progress and forecast data can be used in the simulation to visually analyze project progress according to the current production rate.


Gantt Chart View
Based on information from Vico Control, the 5D Presenter Gantt chart view presents the project schedule. A task's status is clearly presented using patterns and colors. The Gantt chart view is fully synchronized with the 3D view. Click on the task bar and visualize the task related objects in 3D.


EV Analysis
A powerful summary of the project status. Combining imported task completion data and forecast information, together with actual cost information, 5D presenter generates an “Earned Value Analysis” graph. This graph clearly reflects the status of the project by revealing the correlation between the budgeted/actual cost and the scheduled/actual work performed


Filtering Data
Focus attention by highlighting or isolating objects using various filtering options based on task schedules (“Delayed”, “Delayed not started”, “Delayed not finished”), location and classification filters.


Record simulation


Movie Recording
Visually communicate project progress with the 5D Presenter movie recorder. Define dates and intervals to create a stunning, high quality presentation of the construction process.


Grab Screenshots and Sequences
5D Presenter provides an easy way to create single screenshots, or sequences with full control over image resolution, dates, and intervals.


Enhanced User Interface


Better User Experience
Vico 5D Presenter's interface provides more information in an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn environment. Benefit from better control over the available functions, a more visually appealing interface, and interface management tools which will all accelerate your workflow.