Newforma and Vico Share Transactional RFI Data via agcXML

Newforma and Vico have developed one of the first product integration strategies based on the Associated General Contractors' agcXML specification. This integration links Newforma® Project Center software for project information management with Vico Office to coordinate the change management process.  Now RFI and Change Order details can be shared between project team stakeholders, quickly comparing the cost and schedule impact from different design and construction changes.


agcXML is a set of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schemas designed to automate and streamline the exchange of information during the building design and construction process. agcXML facilitates the electronic exchange between different software programs of typical business information that is otherwise exchanged in unstructured construction documents. The agcXML schemas include the exchange of information commonly included in the following document types:

• Request for Information (RFI)
• Request for Pricing/Proposals
• Owner/Contractor Agreements
• Schedule of Values
• Change Order
• Application for Payment
• Supplemental Instructions
• Change Directive
• Bid, Payment, Performance, and Warranty Bonds
• Submittals


Newforma and Vico are proud to support the transparency requirements of integrated project delivery (IPD) teams, sharing BIM data and what-if scenario outcomes.  Because the data is 5D BIM-based, IPD teams can know almost instantly how a change will impact the schedule and the budget.


For more information, please read the Vico-Newforma partnership press release.