ISAT and Vico Deliver Seismic BIM Services

Are you faced with the challenge of building your project in accordance with OSHPD regulations?  Do you even know where to start?


Vico's partner, ISAT (International Siesmic Application Technology), is the industry leader for streamlining your seismic code compliance related to building utility systems.  Did you know that fully-coordinated and engineered seismic solutions can also be represented in BIM models?  Through our partnership with Trimble, all the hangers and bracings, sleeves and penetrations can be modeled according to code and then exported to the Trimble LM 80 to be shot on-site with the robotic Total Station.


ISAT also works with Owners who are facing the daunting challenge of bringing their existing building up to International Building Code compliance. ISAT has been working with building owners throughout the country to bring facilities into compliance with current codes with virtually no facility down-time. Seismic retrofitting is a cost effective way to increase your chances of business continuity after a major seismic event as well as ensuring safety and security of a building's employees, machinery, and inventory.


Vico is proud to recommend ISAT's seismic technology, materials, and services.  We look forward to working on many more projects together.


View the Vico ISAT presentation