CMiC and Vico Bring BIM to the Enterprise

5D BIM is the latest sweeping technological advance in commercial construction.  It simply allows construction teams to build the building twice: once on a computer and once on the job site.  But as one can imagine, more and more people throughout the enterprise need the Information contained in a BIM than just the design and preconstruction teams!  The CMiC/Vico strategic relationship hinges on disseminating the Information to the teams who need it: accounting, procurement, project management, any team working to control the cost, budget, and project risk.  With this flow of Information, the BIM takes on more importance throughout the project lifecycle.


The CMiC Project Management platform serves as a fluid exchange for the Vico 5D BIM elements and the financial teams, asset management teams, and other project stakeholders.  By sharing information amongst departments, there is no re-keying of data, no searching for paper files, no reconciling data from multiple applications, and the process improvements actually accelerate collaboration.  The cleaner and faster the exchange of information and project data, the cleaner and faster the problem solving, the resolutions, and the creativity.


Change Tracking is the first development project with CMiC being debuted at their annual User Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.


Commercial building projects typically generate hundreds or even thousands of changes to the drawing files.  Not properly resolving these issues can lead to dramatic cost escalations.  Vico Doc Set Manager passes this RFI information to CMiC documents, communicating with the CMiC RFI manager.  Units complete information, such as the quantity count of materials used in a location, will be represented in the forecast in CMiC.  In addition, document logs will be shared between the two systems.


With CMiC's proprietary Project Management, and Vico's unique 5D BIM solutions, it's easy to see how valuable it is to sharing this database of project information across the enterprise.  This shared database becomes the source and the repository for all project-related data, and serves as the hub for all departments. 


With our partnership, CMiC and Vico Software are creating an ERP for Construction - a database and process flow for all the information surrounding a building project.  As BIM expands beyond the design, preconstruction, and product control realms, the impact is felt throughout the organization.  A building information model takes on a life of its own as soon as it is augmented with change orders, estimates, budgets, and schedules.  These changes orders, estimates, budgets, and schedules each have their own department, their own process, and their own workflow.  But now with ERP for Construction, it is the project that has ONE workflow through the organization.


Creating this ERP for Construction makes 5D BIM even more relevant for stakeholders throughout GC and Owner firms.  Vico and CMiC work with our customers to tie the power of the BIM with the day-to-day business operations.


For more information, please read the Vico/CMiC press release.