CAD-Duct Models Combined and Augmented in Vico Office

MEP subcontractors have been modeling mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in BIM for over a decade.  Their models are rich and robust with details, often going straight to fabrication without changes.


In many cases, these models would be used by the subcontractor only, because very few General Contractors or Architects had this type of BIM software in their firm.  But that landscape has changed with Vico Office.  Vico Office allows GCs to work with models from Autodesk Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD, and now import IFC files and CAD-Duct files.


Because these CAD-Duct files are so rich with detail and information, GCs can quickly combine the MEP BIM with the structural and architectural BIMs, creating a comprehensive "whole model."


With Vico Office's integrated construction management workflow, this whole model can be coordinated, construction-caliber quantities derived, means and methods applied, schedules and cost plans developed.  Now GCs can incorporate the richness of CAD-Duct models, allowing the entire project team to benefit from the subcontractors' expertise.


For Owners this means taking advantage of the experience at the project table.  Each trade and discipline contributes their knowledge for the good of the project.  All models are incorporated, all models are coordinated, all models are scheduled and costed; the whole model contributes to a better outcome, a better experience, a better building.