Using BIM to Manage the Construction Process of a Large University Campus


Managing the construction process of a university campus involves a lot of planning and coordination. Therefore, implementing the BIM (building information modeling) process on a project this large can help.

As an example, one campus is being designed and constructed with several different integrated technologies. The University of Trinidad and Tobago,, Trinidad, West Indies, is a 150-acre site with a large open-air landscaped plaza and facilities including a library, auditorium, classrooms, lecture halls, labs, cafeterias, offices, and an information tower.




acla:works,, Port of Spain, West Indies, has its team of architectural consultants using virtual building and construction technology on this project. It uses ArchiCAD from Graphisoft,, Budapest, Hungary, integrated with Tekla Structures,, Espoo, Finland, to manage 21 subprojects for design coordination and architectural, structural, and civil engineering.

On this project, ArchiCAD also integrates with software from Vico Software,, Boulder, Colo., including Vico Constructor for MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineering; Vico Estimator for quantity surveying; and Vico Control for project management.




When looking at this all this integration, contractors may have concerns that conflicts could arise between the different technologies. To ensure coordination between the models and check conflicts on the University of Trinidad and Tobago project the team also uses Solibri Model Checker from Solibri Inc.,, Helsinki, Finland. This program has built-in rules for analysis to improve the quality of the models.





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