Vico Supports IPD Discussions at the AGC BIMForum


Boulder, CO - January 2, 2009 - Integrated Product Delivery is all about trust... It's about building the teamwork and camaraderie to execute seamlessly on the project plan.


What better way to talk about IPD than in the context of the AGC BIMForum? The organization strives to increase communication and understanding between all project stakeholders, and in doing so, increase the transparency and efficiencies within the AEC/O community.


Vico has been able to work with many general contractors who are adding IPD contracts to their portfolios. Look at the great strides made by Swinerton Builders with the San Diego Hilton... or Sutter Health's use of IPD teams to encourage lean construction practices.


At Vico, we believe 5D BIM is a natural precursor to IPD. Whether it is through a formal process such as the model progression specification and content plan, or weekly virtual construction status meetings, the collaboration efforts are measurable and documented. The flow of information necessary to build a skyscraper is immense, and capturing it all in a 5D BIM Model is a serious undertaking... with serious reward.


We recently worked with Suffolk Construction to identify the ROI for BIM. Suffolk was honored with a Best of 2008 award from McGraw-Hill for the project. The analysis pointed to the possible change orders and scheduling tweaks identified by the model which totaled $250,000. The investment in the 5D BIM model totaled $40,000. Everyone can do the math for the ROI calculation. But perhaps the unidentified ROI is the ability to rapidly hone in on constructability issues and resolve them together as a team.


That was certainly the case at Holder Construction and their award-winning work on the Atlanta Aquarium Hilton project. In this case, Holder took complete responsibility for introducing BIM to the architectural firm and the subcontractors. Again, the ROI was significant: $800,000 in change orders resolved before breaking ground. But the experience gained was a tremendous advantage and benefit.


In an interview with McGraw-Hill for the BIM 2008 SmartMarket Report, Ed Hoagland from PCL explored this tangential ROI further, "It's hard to quantify saving time and effort," he says. "Some of it is just gut feeling. A lot of what we do results in 'problem avoidance'. That's a benefit that's sellable in the construction industry, whether you can quantify it or not."


Now as Vico introduces the BIM-neutral platform we call Vico Office, the opportunity for collaboration around multiple models becomes even more appealing. At the last BIMForum meeting in Washington DC, many of you saw the integration between Tekla, Vico, and Trimble. Just last month at Autodesk University, Vico introduced the ability to publish Revit models to the Vico Office Environment. Once in the Vico environment, we can pull construction quantities from the geometry to power the estimates and the schedules.


Customers will pull together data from Revit models, Tekla models and ArchiCAD models - in any combination - to then manage constructability and compute quantities, costs, and schedules. And now they can hire our Virtual Construction Services team to do the same with our proven processes.


With the multi-model inputs from various systems, we deliver the consolidated outputs: multiple models in - model-based quantities, estimates, schedules, and schedule management out.




Come see for yourself! Reserve your spot to meet with Team Vico at the AGC BIMForum. This meeting is scheduled a little differently with two Sponsor Hours squeezed in a lunchtime both days, so feel free to meet with us then. And we'll also be participating in the Town Hall Meeting and co-hosting a special breakout session on the Model Progression Specification with Webcor.


And since we'll be "on the road" on a Friday, we're organizing a special Fridays with Vico for the folks who are staying over Friday night in La Quinta. We'll host a special Q&A panel, complete with drinks, and you can ask us anything about Vico: our growth plans, our product roadmap, you call it out we'll answer it, just like our webinar series.


To set up a private appointment with Vico executives, please contact to schedule a time that works best for you - you can also rsvp for the evening version of Fridays with Vico! See you in La Quinta!



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