How Does Your Firm Stack Up with BIM?

Posted by Don Henrich on Nov 8, 2011 8:18:00 AM


We all know “the D’s of BIM.”  2D BIM organizes construction drawing sets and pinpoints changes.  3D BIM includes modeling, clash detection, and quantity takeoff.  4D BIM is all about planning and scheduling, locations, simulations, and production control on the jobsite.  5D BIM covers quantities by location, iterative cost planning, and budget tracking.  And having an integrated 5D construction management workflow means having “all of the above” plus the critical Owner deliverables and reporting that ties it all together.


Have you taken the first steps of BIM?  Many GCs and CMs that come to Vico have tried some modeling and clash detection, perhaps even some schedule animations.  These firms approach Vico with a number of concerns: perhaps they haven’t realized efficiency gains or they have lost a couple of new projects to a competitor touting BIM.  These firms want to see what it takes to be successful with BIM in their geographies and how to win and perform new projects.


We developed the BIM Score to help GCs and CMs compare their capabilities to their competition. 


The first step is to prioritize BIM capabilities.  Are you most interested in change management, scheduling, estimating, or reporting? 


The second step is to grade your firm’s current solutions and practices.  We use a simple multiple choice format where there is no right or wrong answer, just an accurate description of real-world workflows.


The third step is the BIM Score calculation and identifying opportunities for improvement.  Our Team evaluates your answers and provides this information back to you in a graphical format to share with your colleagues.


As a fourth step, you might choose to take the same test and answer the questions as you believe your competitor would.  After all, if you want to do a gap analysis, you’ll need to know where/how their capabilities differ from yours.  This is probably what the Owners see when they award projects.


And finally, you’ll want to decide if you want to improve your operations.  In Vico-speak, we call it “moving the needle.”  How far and how fast do you want to implement better BIM capabilities?


how does your firm stack up with BIM


So we challenge you:  How well does your firm stack up in terms of 2D-3D-4D-5D BIM?  More importantly, how does your competition?  Grade your current solutions for coordination/clash, scheduling, and estimating in terms of capabilities, best practices, and integrated workflow.  Then see where your BIM Score falls and determine how far and how fast to move the needle.


This is your opportunity to prioritize your BIM initiatives and see how well you are incorporating BIM best practices throughout your firm.  And in this tough economic climate where every win counts, it is also a way to see how your firm stacks up against the competition.


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