The Customer Success Plan: an Insurance Policy for BIM Deployment

Posted by Don Henrich on Nov 4, 2011 8:35:00 AM


Wouldn’t it be great if 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM could be made easier and could result in numerous new project wins for you and your team?


What if you could take out an insurance policy for your BIM deployment?


your BIM deployment insurance policy


The Vico Customer Success Plan is our guarantee to your firm to help you become as successful as possible with 5D BIM.  This means embarking on a one-year plan together that includes executive workshops, software training, mentoring, and support.  The program is designed to help your firm keep the enthusiasm and momentum high in order to achieve your stated goals for integrated quantity takeoff, coordination, scheduling, estimating, and production control.


Vico provides the organization and structure with the optimal level of content and prioritized support.  You provide the right people at the right time, fully committed, and ready to learn.  The program is consumed in one year with monthly progress reports guaranteeing success, despite the inevitable fire drills that could disrupt other rollouts.


During the last five years, Vico’s customers proved for themselves what we know to be true about the benefits of 5D BIM. Innovation was what drove new project wins: our customers exploited 3D modeling, clash detection, model-based coordination, rigorous content planning, multi-model management, change management, and model-derived block drawings. Some went further into 5D with model-derived quantity takeoff, cost estimating, and location-based scheduling. It is no exaggeration to say that the Vico customers who “went the deepest” are the same companies who reaped the most benefit from the technology. They literally picked the jobs they wanted to win, developed the best plans, recruited the best teams, executed more effectively in the field, and delivered a new and exciting owner experience.


How does the plan work?


Part 1: Executive and departmental briefings.  Our BIM Path workshops cover the entire 5D workflow and our virtual construction best practices condensed from over 400 projects worldwide.  We start with the Model Progression Specification for working with extended teams of designers, engineers, and subs.  We then cover Constructability, Cost Planning, Scheduling (including flowline theory and location-based management), Production Control, and a special workshop designed for the CIO and IT team.


Part 2: Comprehensive training, follow-up assignments, and certification.  Your teams are rigorously trained to understand and use Vico Office for integrated construction management.  Then specialized team can pursue advanced topics.  We also offer training to your personnel who will be running the BIM projects – these champions will be well-versed in selling your new capabilities as well as executing upon them.  Those who complete their follow-up assignments and exercises with passing grades will become Vico-Certified and eligible for our exclusive Vico Office user group to discuss the very latest technology developments and best practices.


Part 3: Project-Based Workshops.  Our one-day onsite workshops focus on building expertise throughout your departments.  Whether you select Custom Reporting or a deep-dive on building out your estimating database or a workshop designed to gather production agreements with your subs, you will feel the enthusiasm for these best practices excite your team and make them hungry for even more workshops.


Part 4: Planning, Reporting, and Support.  As a Customer Success Plan member, your team receives accelerated support and consulting.  The consulting work extends to annual goal setting and the monthly reporting to keep your team on track.  We do not let you pass up opportunities to keep the momentum growing – we consider it our job to push you to meet your goals.


As a Customer Success Plan participant, you receive access to all our content, our expertise, insights, and experience – all at a very affordable price.  But we do ask that you commit to management support, stick to the scheduled dates, and consume the entire program in the one-year timeframe.


Take out the only BIM Insurance Policy in the industry and guarantee your firm’s success with Vico’s integrated 5D BIM. 

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