All Aboard for 5D BIM!

Posted by Don Henrich on Mar 7, 2011 6:25:00 AM


In discussions with construction companies around the globe over the last few months, I have noticed that 5D BIM interest is picking up steam (again).  Vico, as an example, has had an increased flow of inquiries and orders from many places including South Africa, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Panama, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, and of course, North America.  More companies are starting to use Vico Flowline Schedule Planning software; and more people are interested in 5D BIM than ever before -- especially with the upcoming release of Vico Office R3


all aboard 5d bim


This increase in usage is to be expected, as even very conservative industries such as Construction, will change over time.  Everything changes over time (think of the Grand Canyon).  The recent pick up is great timing for construction managers and users of BIM in general as everyone needs a way to shine up their corporate logo, give their customers reasons to talk with them, and of course, let the most technologically-savvy and well-qualified companies win new work.  


Peeking behind the curtain and trying to ascertain why the interest in 5D has picked up so sharply can most likely be traced to three steadily increasing trends:


1. More Owners are requiring 5D BIM in their RFP’s. 

We had a call recently from a company that is not a Vico user.  They read an excerpt from an Army Corps proposal that said something like: Tasks and their extracted quantities from the BIM shall be broken done by their location (proximity in the structure) as well as the complexity of its installation.  Wow, even the US Government is becoming a fan of Location Based Management for Construction!

2. More employees are interested in using 5D BIM to “work differently." 

Some of these are experienced personnel inside the company who have experimented and learned about BIM over the last few years and now understand what the true potential of 5D is and are eager to use it.  Many of these are also new hires, young kids of the iPod generation, that are now graduating into the work force and do not want to sit all day working with 2D drawings when there is so much possible in 3D, 4D, and 5D.

3. Products are getting better. 

From modeling products to IFC, to connectors, to full 3D-4D-5D solutions like Vico Office, there are many very good product solutions good for either a single, simple task or for automating a big chunk of the construction planning and management workflow.


With the continual push from these influences, as well as the continued experimentation, testing, usage, and cross training of new BIM-based solutions, the Construction industry will surely become more productive -- just like other industries who have successfully leveraged technology to fight off competition and obsolescence.


It is a rising tide of 5D BIM that will help many companies float their corporate ships in this stormy and difficult time and steer them to growth and profitability.


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