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Top 10 Ways to Derail Your 5D BIM Project

Posted by Don Henrich on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 @ 12:59 PM




What are the top 10 mistakes that minimize the benefits of 5D BIM or VDC into your company?


#10 - Assume it is as simple as purchasing one copy of the different software
         packages / modules and asking a young computer savvy project engineer
         to “try it.”


#9   - Hire a good modeling person who has not had experience with the 3 key
         construction skills: constructability and coordination, quantity take-off and
         estimating, and schedule planning and schedule production control.

#8   - Assume that your project teams will embrace new things without adequate
         corporate planning and support.


#7   - Push as much of the BIM contract requirements down to the subcontractors as
         possible so that your company is not controlling the quality of the effort.


#6   - Don’t treat 5D BIM as a Strategic Opportunity to differentiate your company from
         others, it is just a tool for clash detection.


#5   - Don’t invest any time with the Senior Executive team, explaining how the
         systems work and how they could (if you choose) become integrated part of
         your processes.


#4   - Assume that your company currently has an Estimating Database that contains
         all the information that your Estimators use to prepare an accurate proposal for
         a project, or the detailed cost breakdown later.


#3   - Mandate that in order to use 5D BIM, it must do everything that you do today the
         same way. In other words you are not willing to change processes to become
         more effective.


#2   - Don’t have a written plan covering at least 12 months of your BIM initiative.


#1   - Assume that using BIM for clash detection and coordination makes your
         company an expert in BIM, you’ll find there are others who are much, much more
In my next blog, I’ll address a strategic plan to avoid all these pitfalls.  But in the meantime, here are the Top 10 Reasons To Do 5D BIM.



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Have you been spying on my old firms? 
I agree with everything here & I've seen & heard it all! One firm no longer uses BIM, another, all the senior BIM people are gone, leaving 2 college boys.

posted @ Friday, July 16, 2010 1:37 PM by Rhonda S. Travis

Hi, writing all the way from over the pond - Norway - 
Seems you have been spying on my firm too. All of this sounds awfully familiar. I'm sure this is off topic, but I'll have to say - 10# pitfalls or none - I think our biggest challenge still is: revolutionizing the way we work from a 2D-noninformative modelingprocess to a BIM-process! This costs both time and a LOT of resource & money! In my experience, many projectowners and customers dare not invest in evolving from 2D to BIM, frankly because they're out of facts regarding this "new" tecnology. I believe this derives from poor mediacoverage of BIM-processes and BIM-projects. 
Seems to me BIM has come to a halt, waiting for the audience to pick up the reins and go for it. 
To put it in another way: 
I think the rabbits (in this case the consultants, and a few general contractors) have taken the bait and are running to win a price, while the turtles (i.e.subcontractors, project owners and customers) are concerned wether its smart to move forwards or backwards.... 

posted @ Tuesday, July 27, 2010 5:56 AM by Arthenon

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