The Top 10 Reasons to Do 5D BIM

Posted by Don Henrich on Jan 21, 2010 11:46:00 AM


During our recent trip to visit customers in the Nordic countries, we produced a Fridays with Vico episode on how many of our customers are rolling out BIM across the enterprise.  This video clip is excerpted from that webinar.



I'd like to steal from David Letterman and give you the top ten reasons to use 5D BIM.


top ten 5D BIM


Number Ten:  Certainly your competitors are saying that they are using it.  (Page 33 of McGraw-Hill's BIM SmartMarket Report cites that the most important benefit for Contractors is to market BIM capabilities to win new clients.)


Number Nine:  Certainly the Owners are asking for it. (Page 34 of the same report states that "Owners who use BIM see a very high rate of ROI."  Watch the recorded McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report webinar and see all the stats for yourself.)


Number Eight:  I know that many of the young smart personnel that run your projects want to use it because we talk to them frequently.  And we have innovative programs to migrate your project to BIM:

•We can Quality Check and Grade Your Models to see if they’re applicable for construction estimating, scheduling, and coordination;
•We can teach your team how to run Lean Coordination – a best practice which is 40% faster than traditional clash detection;
•We can translate your CPM schedule to a model-based schedule with the CPM Alignment Service – we will match your milestone dates, but illustrate how to achieve that schedule with less risk, fewer resources, ergo reduced cost;
•We can map your MC2 or Timberline  database to a model-based project  so that you can carry your estimating team’s investment over to 5D BIM;
•We can show you how to create robust schedules and estimates from concept-stage SketchUp models because we all know how important it is to show the Owner multiple options.


Number Seven:  The subs want to use it; they want a better and more organized piece of the pie.  They appreciate the pull planning sessions with Vico and understanding that you are working in their best interest to eliminate starts and stops from their tasks.


Number Six:  The CEO of your company wants you to use it.  Your CEO wants to win more business. Period.  With most GCs putting together a model for the bid, your firm can stand out from the pack when you explain to the owner that your model is not just for marketing - it will drive the schedule and keep the project on budget.)


Number Five: It would be really great to know if the subs' quantities are actually correct.  (Vico Office Takeoff Manager extracts the construction-caliber quantities from the model geometry from which the schedule and estimate are derived.  When a subcontractor submits a bid, you can check their quantities against yours.  This then ensures the labor assumptions and productivity rates are correct.)


Number Four: You could actually use unit prices from your subs that are loaded and you could fill in the quantities if you had a great and very exact model and quantity takeoff from it.  (See above!)


Number Three: You probably have a Trimble Total Station to layout your MEP, as well as your concrete, formwork, and anything else using the robotic Total Station and LM80.  Did you know that the next release of Vico Office allows you to plot those points in Vico Office and transfer them out the field?  And then you can also do the reverse: report those field points back to the model!


Number Two: You may want a flowline schedule to compress your schedule without adding risk to your project. Very large construction firms are completely standardized on Vico scheduling solutions because of our unique location-based approach.   There are two new whitepapers which your team should read: A Comparison of CPM and Location-Based Scheduling and The Combination of Last Planner and LBMS.


And Number One: The number one reason to really understand this stuff is you've got to win the project. There are many companies bidding for every single project and it's very clear that companies that deeply understand this and can explain to the owner how they can remove risk from the project, how they will better manage the project, will win. And while I can't mention names right now we have a few projects that are north of $100,000,000 that have been won recently because of this very reason. We have talked with the selection committees and they have said that the difference between the winner and the loser was not all the other items they considered, but it was their ability to use and to bring to bear this 5D methodology to de-risk the project.


What is your reason for using BIM?  Or perhaps a better, more pointed question: why aren't you using BIM?  Post your comments below - I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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