Vico Software Announces Expansion in Asia with VNIX

New Reseller Will Offer 5D BIM to Growing Markets in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines


Boulder, CO – April 24, 2012 – Vico Software, the leader in 5D Virtual Construction™, is pleased to announce a new partnership with VNIX Pte Ltd. who will introduce Vico’s integrated BIM solutions to Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 


On the island nation of Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) created the BIM Roadmap Initiative for the region with the goal of 80% BIM adoption by 2015.  This initiative is part of a larger government plan to improve construction industry productivity by 25% over the next decade.  In an effort to promote the use of BIM technologies and methodologies, the BCA has created the BIM Fund which subsidizes the costs associated with BIM hardware and software, training, and consulting services for area construction firms.


With Singapore’s construction starts poised to increase by 16% year over year for the next decade, total construction is projected to be SG$25 billion with 60% originating from the public sector.  VNIX is already leading the way on these projects by participating in pilot projects with government and civil facilities. 


“We believe the BCA’s BIM Initiative presents a tremendous opportunity to fully utilize BIM not only during the design stages of a project, but throughout the whole building lifecycle,” stated Mr. David Lim, Managing Director of VNIX Pte Ltd.  “Being able to offer Vico’s Construction Management solutions for all phases of project planning, execution, and operations is a tremendous advantage in this market.  We are excited to introduce Vico’s coordination, quantity takeoff, location-based scheduling, cost planning, and production control solutions to our customers.”


The acronym BIM stands for “building information model” and includes not only the geometry of the building, but all the means and methods data necessary to construct the building.  Utilizing Vico Office, general contractors can integrate the known geometry (from popular modeling applications like ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, SketchUp or even IFC files) with construction-caliber quantities, scheduling tasks and productivity rates, material and labor costs, not to mention warranty and installation information, for the project.  And all project stakeholders can see what happens when a change is made to the design of the building – how it impacts the schedule and how it impacts the budget.  This means data-driven decisions instead of budget-busting mistakes.


“Virtual Construction extends BIM and generates tremendous value for all members of the project, for the Owner, the Designers, and all the Construction personnel,” stated Donald Henrich, Vico Software Co-Founder and Executive Vice President.  “We knew we needed a partner who is as passionate about construction management as we are.  VNIX is an exceptional technology firm with extensive experience exceeding their customers’ expectations.  It’s our goal to work together to achieve the BCA’s mission and dramatically improve the way construction projects are delivered.”


Many AEC professionals understand the highly-visual nature of 3D models to express design intent, but might not be familiar with Vico’s BIM for Construction:


2D BIM: The Vico Coordination Resolution process yields both composite drawings and 2D installation drawings. These can include plumbing sleeve drawings, concrete deck drawings, lighting drawings, HVAC duct drawings, hydronic pipe drawings, gravity pipe drawings, 3D isometric drawings, and composite drawings annotated with dimensions or color-coded by system, etc. These are great deliverables for field use because the last thing builders want are subs going up and down ladders or coming back to the trailer to get a question answered.


3D BIM: Vico Office Constructability Manager is a powerful solution for both clash detection and coordination integrated within the complete BIM workflow.  It is one thing to identify clashes between models and quite another to resolve the problems in preconstruction, thus shortening the schedule and saving the budget from costly re-work.


4D BIM: Scheduling is comprised of four components in Vico Office: quantities by location, flowline theory, on-site production control, and 4D movie simulations. Our scheduling solutions are powered by location-based management system which relies on the progress of work crews as they migrate (or flow) through a building. The goal is to preserve the work crew's productivity rate as they move from location to location and minimize the number of starts and stops.  To learn more, please download this new whitepaper which compares and contrasts the traditional critical path method of construction planning with location-based scheduling principles.


5D BIM: The 5D BIM estimating applications in Vico Office are a powerful use of construction-caliber quantities, iterative cost planning, budget tracking, and target cost comparisons for design changes. Vico’s construction estimating software bridges the gap between 2D drawings and 5D BIM models by recognizing model-based and non-model-based elements in the estimate and visually linking the cost items to the model elements.


6D BIM: 6D BIM models are another natural deliverable from Vico’s Coordination Resolution process. This model contains the room elements, such as room name, number, and space type connected with asset information such as manufacturer, model numbers, serial numbers, and any operations and maintenance requirements. So instead of the encyclopedia set of three-ring binders at the end of the project, GCs can give the Owner a 6D BIM model complete with all the information their facilities' team needs.


To learn more about “the D’s of BIM,” please read through Vico’s BIM Glossary of acronyms and terms.  The award-winning virtual construction solution transforms 3D BIMs into information powerhouses integrating construction-caliber quantities by location, 4D scheduling data, and 5D cost estimating data. The result is a live construction management model that empowers Vico Office users to accurately and rapidly assess the schedule and cost impact of changes, whether those changes occur during preconstruction planning or during the project’s build phase.


For more information, please read how the 5D Virtual Construction Workflow extends BIM to the EnterpriseIf you are a construction firm in Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines who wants to learn more about Vico’s solutions, you are invited you to try Vico Office in our Structured Evaluation Program.





About VNIX Pte Ltd.

The VNIX team is made up of highly qualified construction professionals well-equipped to deliver a wide spectrum of BIM solutions. Leveraging best-in-class BIM software and methodologies, AEC companies trust VNIX with their BIM initiatives, training, and support.


About Vico Office

Vico Office is the first purpose-built construction management software that allows users to “plug in” the BIM authoring application of their choice and then perform a constructability analysis, location-based quantity takeoff, a model-based schedule, model-based estimate, and on-site production control, all in an integrated workflow.


About Vico Software

Vico Software, Inc. provides software and services to the commercial construction industry.  Building owners, general contractors, and construction managers use our software and our services to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.  Vico's 5D Virtual Construction solutions pioneered the category of BIM for Construction, and they remain the industry's most integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control.  The new Vico Office product suite continues this tradition making it possible to leverage many important BIM file formats such as ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, CAD-Duct, IFC, 3D DWG, and even SketchUp.  The benefits of our solutions and services have been proven on hundreds of building projects to date totaling more than $72 billion in construction worldwide.



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