Vico Software Offers Construction Software for Students and Teachers

Integrated 5D system allows educators to simulate major building projects 


April 28, 2008, Boulder, CO – Vico Software, Inc., providers of 5D Virtual ConstructionTM software and services, today unveiled a new education initiative.  The company will offer its signature Virtual Construction 2008 software suite and training materials free of charge to students, teachers, and accredited institutions.

With Vico’s award-winning Virtual Construction software, educators can introduce students to the latest advances in BIM for building construction projects. 


“Our commercial customers are paving the way for the future of BIM in construction, but they are experiencing a shortage of new knowledge workers as they expand their ranks.  In launching this educational initiative, Vico is doing its part to prepare the next generation of knowledge workers for the building construction industry,” states Mark Sawyer, CEO of Vico Software. 


Vico’s 5D Virtual Construction technology is already used in numerous building construction management programs at leading universities and colleges.  With this initiative the company hopes to increase the number of graduating students who are fluent in the technology in order to meet the hiring demands of a transformed building construction industry.

“Our programs have included Vico’s Virtual Construction tools for several years, and our students leave here well equipped to put their knowledge to use in today’s BIM world,” comments Professor Brad Johnson of Colorado State University’s Construction Management department.  “As virtual construction technology has moved from commercial ‘experimentation’ to serious commercial ‘adoption’ we have seen the demand for knowledge workers steadily increase.”

Vico encourages its commercial customers to become an integral part of the education initiative by working closely with colleges and universities in their areas. 

“The relevance of Colorado State’s program, and an important measure of its success, is evidenced by the direct involvement of industry,” adds Professor Johnson.  “We get future employers involved in our undergraduate and graduate programs, and it benefits the students and industry alike.” Vico’s Sawyer adds, “We are making our software and training materials available free of charge, but avoiding license fees is not the end game for students and schools.  Quality education is the goal, and our customers’ real world experience is a powerful ingredient.  We want our customers to stay involved by nominating schools for grants of our software and then adding their time and experience to the program.”

Vico’s education program licensing is available worldwide to students, educators, and institutions engaged in formal, accredited courses or academic research. After providing proof of student, teacher, or institution status to Vico, any of the Virtual Construction applications can be downloaded directly from the company website, along with training guides and video demonstrations.

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