Team Vico and Team Borealis Ride the 27th Annual Prouty Bike Ride and Challenge Walk

Event Raises over $2 Million for Cancer Research and Patient Services at Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center 


In 1982, four nurses rode 100 miles through the White Mountains of New Hampshire to honor the courage and strength of their patient, Audrey Prouty, in her fight against cancer. This year, more than 4,000 people took part in the 27th Annual Prouty Century Bike Ride & Challenge Walk to celebrate and support the courage of cancer patients and survivors everywhere and to raise money for crucial cancer research and important patient services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Over the 26 years of this event, more than $6.25 million dollars has been raised. This money funds world-class research, state-of-the-art equipment, critical education programs, and innovative clinical trials that help save lives of cancer patients all over the world. The money raised also goes to fund important patient services such as Reiki, writing-for-healing workshops, support groups and the patient library.

The Prouty is the signature event of the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, a group of people dedicated to supporting cancer research, patient services and community outreach at Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth.

Watch the video of this year’s event to learn more about The Prouty and how to get involved.

July 12, 2008 – Lebanon, NH – Teams Vico and Borealis suited up to ride the 100-mile Prouty Bike Race.  Camaraderie was the order of the day as our participants are avid cyclists, but amateurs, nonetheless.  The 100 miles wasn’t easy, but nothing proves teamwork more than completing a nearly insurmountable challenge together.


Representing Team Vico were:
David Wilkinson, Pre-Construction Specialist
Don Henrich, VP of Americas
Ryan Henrich, son and Vico supporter
Mark Sawyer, CEO

Team Borealis was led by:
Jesse Devitte, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Borealis Ventures

Team Vico was recruited by Borealis Ventures to support the work of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth.  “As an early-stage venture capital firm, Borealis Ventures works to commercialize innovative technologies from Dartmouth, DHMC, and other research centers,” remarked Jesse Devitte.  “Through our support of the Prouty, we are proud to help the researchers at Norris Cotton Cancer Center gain ground in their race to develop the next-generation of cancer diagnostics and therapies.”



“The ride is easy until you pass the 60 mile mark,” remarked Don Henrich, VP of Americas at Vico Software, and proud father of Ryan Henrich.  “At 90 miles it is real hard but having the mental and physical discipline to finish both is quite an accomplishment so you can imagine how proud I am of my 14 year old son, Ryan, who toughed it out.  One thing we both appreciated after the race is that no matter how hard this is for us, it is nothing compared to the determination that cancer survivors must have, we are proud to be associated with them through the Prouty.” 


Don Henrich, Team Vico


Fun times were had by all the participants, regardless of their riding skill.  Over 200 volunteers provided water, bananas, and cheers along the racing route. 


  “Team Borealis recruited a team of 52 to ride the Prouty this year.

When I found out that several of our participants had cramped up and almost didn’t finish, I was disappointed.  Then I found out that three of the afflicted riders were CEO’s from our portfolio companies!  

Then I realized all this meant was that they had not trained properly because they were so busy leading our companies - and then I was not as disappointed!”

Jesse Devitte, Team Borealis



“One has to comment on the people who make up The Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center,” remarked Mark Sawyer, CEO of Vico Software.  “Though out-of-stater's like me see their work only through the lens of a single event like the Prouty, their commitment and dedication is strikingly evident.  And their contagious passion has enveloped many others including our teammates at Borealis Ventures.  (Matt Rightmire and Chris Randles of Borealis inspired us all by riding The Prouty Ultimate, a two day, two hundred mile event over a challenging mountain course.)  If given the choice, and we all have 'the choice,' wouldn't you spend your time and energy working with talented, unselfish people who honor determination and strive to improve the lives of others? “


Mark Sawyer, Team Vico 


David Wilkinson from Team Vico summed up the spirit of the event, “This was my first time in the Prouty and as I was amazed at the number of people that took on this challenge.  I was particularly inspired by the many survivors I met along the way, each and everyone unique but resolute in their determination to participate and complete the event.  Finally, it told me a lot about the people I work with and the investment team from Borealis – they do this every year – and what they think is important.  When the Board members, the CEO, and the VP of Americas take the time and energy to participate in something like this it just makes you feel good about where you work, that it’s not just about balance sheets and income statements, it’s about real people caring for each other.  We will be back next year!”