Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab

Varma Salmisaari Project, Finland


Vico Software’s Virtual Construction™ Services team provided the Palmberg Group, the Salmisaari project's general contractor, a detailed, highly accurate, model-based estimating, optimized location based project schedule, and an in-depth constructability analysis report.


The Varma Samisaari is an office complex, comprising eight office buildings ranging in height from four to twelve floors, two underground parking levels, and an internal courtyard with total gross area of 66,000 sq. meters / 710,400 sq. feet





The Palmberg Group sought a solution that would enable it to meet a tight deadline and budget, while delivering high quality and minimized risk for the project.  In carrying out the Varma Samisaari project, Palmberg looked for a way to ensure efficient quantity takeoff and control quantities in production. Other top priority issues were: evaluating how design changes would affect production management; how modeling information can be used in schedule planning; and how 5D technology can be exploited during design and production processes


Seeking an optimal solution and an integrated approach, Palmberg found that Vico Software’s Virtual Construction Suite was the perfect answer.


To ensure immediate productivity, Vico Software assigned its Virtual Construction Service Team to lead the process and support implementation.  The project team delivered a constructability report, model-based quantity take-off, schedule analysis and a unified 5D model.





Based on the design documents, Vico’s Professional Services Team produced a unified 3D virtual project model that included architectural, structural and MEP design data. The model facilitated common understanding and revealed constructability and coordination issues.


The team generated a detailed Constructability Analysis Report, which pointed to more than 260 items that demanded resolution. Bringing together 3D architectural, structural and MEP data, the model had reduced errors and proved to be an extremely valuable tool for the design and construction teams.


By feeding quantities from the same 3D model, Vico Estimator had rapidly yielded
highly-accurate, model-based estimates.  In addition, it had allowed the team to generate an optimized location-based schedule based on locations from the construction model, quantities from the model-based estimates, and crew productivity rates from the contractor’s average rate data. Using these tools, the team ensured that all quantities and scheduled tasks were represented in production and nothing was overlooked.


For Palmberg, the Virtual Construction Model solved coordination problems before they became costly and time-consuming on-site issues. In the words of Erno Aalto, “The earlier we can spot a potential problem in production, the easier it is to avoid.  For example, we can now easily communicate how delays in design will affect our schedules and actual onsite production.”


Another advantage of 5D representation is the ability to use it on-site, communicate
with subcontractors on the workflow of building framework and facades.

In short, Palmberg found that visual simulations of the construction process led to
both efficient communications and better coordination.  Additionally, the model unites design, estimate, and production into one streamlined function on-site.  By integrating this various data, Palmberg was able to accelerate the preconstruction stage, create an accurate and feasible project schedule and shorten actual construction time.


Looking Ahead
Vico Software provides a professional consulting hands-on solution in which actual knowledge is transferred to the customer throughout all project stages.  This unique service concept allows for confidence and a smooth implementation process without losing productivity.


“The ability to optimize production from the very beginning and identify and include all relevant risks to our estimating is highly valuable,” says Erno Aallto.

Palmberg is confident that by employing Vico’s Virtual Construction Technology
and Services in future projects, it will provide high quality work, reduce risk and allow for an efficient and profitable construction process.


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